Spankings in mainstream media have lately been somewhat lacking. It is not PC to show any type of spanking at all. This topic used to be OK even by Uncle Walt’s standard. I have commented on the various implements and manner of dress appropriate to this adult activity. I can think of a few though, a nice one in Weeds including the soreness afterwards and an obligatory peek at the bruised buttock in the mirror.

In the series Bored to Death, Jonathan helps Nina with a teacher spanking student fantasy. They are also caught at it.

I am not a big sports fan, I would rather settle in with a good book than watch sports. There was a trend I found out that included paddling and paddle matches in wrestling. Watching two women struggling to get a paddle from a high pole, the winner getting to use that paddle on the loser, now that’s entertainment. I found this short segment on my hard drive, it is not a paddle match but a male wrestler punishing a female one. The spanking is very brief, but I really admire the smooth transition from dip to over the knee that this male wrestler achieves. I don’t know either athlete and the clip is pretty old.

Now if you look at spanking content in advertising it used to be suitable material to sell products. From coffee to Shirts, or even girdles, somebody thought that would sell products. I think the girdle add was best something about a tight corset felt so good especially pulled up over a freshly smacked bum. I have also seen links claiming these ads to be sexist. I seem to remember a brief ad campaign for jeans which featured a young woman bent over showing her butt about to be smacked.

Equal Opportunity!

I like this print ad from Italy, I just don’t know what they are selling. You can find a whole collection of provocative ads here but I think I like this one best.


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