No Pain …

I hate pain, really hate it. It doesn’t matter headaches, back or joint pain or that annoying stiff knot that I get in the middle of my back when I spend too much time working on my computer. If I stub my toe or have a toothache I want pain killers. On the other hand I really love spanking, it’s my primary erotic fixation, so despite my aforementioned hatred of pain I don’t mind sitting on a sore butt. In fact easing my toasted buns into the cold leather on my recliner in the morning is awesome.

Getting to that state of sore butt bliss can be daunting. On occasion despite my attraction it has proven to be a real challenge to grin and bare it. When I think I just can not take it anymore and it feels like my ass is on fire when I check the damages my butt is “Barely Pink” (no offence but it’s the most apt description).

At other times I have done the obligatory butt check to find my ass not so much colored but the texture of my skin seems to be really leathery.

Another time I recall I thought the play was relatively mild but the next day when I was driving I had to drive side saddle. I developed an enormous black and blue on just one cheek. It soon healed though it changed into the strangest colors along the way.

So all in all I would have to say that pain is relative. To some it would just be a pain in the ass and to others a pleasure.



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2 Responses to No Pain …

  1. Tim the tum says:

    Great post; really made me think about the way that we react to different types of pain, and, more importantly, pain which originates from different sources.

    It prompted me to post an article on my own blog (and I’ve added you to my blog roll, wile I was at it; this is a consistently entertaining blog).

    All the best


  2. Tim

    Thank you for the kind words I will have to check out your blog.


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