Home Made Fun

There are plenty of internet sites to buy spanking toys. I have collected quite a few but in the past it was more common to use ordinary household items, other than the standard brushes. I remember one friend that had a very large silicon spatula in her kitchen, the type that you use to scrape out bowls. I have not seen on that that large since but for its size and weight it really delivered a resounding smack. The kitchen is really a good place to find impromptu implements, cutting boards, stirrers, wooden spoons and such all can be put to good use.

Other times I tried to make my own custom toys using various materials with mixed success. There were some that were not satisfactory at all, licorice whips were definitely misnamed. It is amazing what you can make with on hand materials and a little imagination.

One of the most successful toys I made consisted of several loops of wire from old appliance electrical cords. Using electrical tape I folded a couple of lengths of cord and taped the whole thing keeping the cords tight and flat. This worked extremely well and made an effective and relatively quiet toy. I later found a similar idea made by Adam and Gillian’s Sensual Whips and Toys. Their creation aptly called a carcass beater is rated severe

I was thinking I was pretty original but I am not alone. On the website Finding Our Way I found instruction for making a similar instrument called a Loopy Johnny. Very stingy but whisper quiet for private play.

The local hardware store is full of stuff to make toys from. I have just used the occasional wooden dowel.

One other successful creation I believe inspired by “No Wire hangers” from Mommie Dearest. I took 3 nicely enameled wire hangers and carefully unfolded them. I folded them in half and then twisted them together tightly. I wrapped the end with electrical tape for the handle. The final product looked really vicious but that was not the case, it was very flexible and also quiet and effective.


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