Caveman Carry

One of my oldest and favorite posts.

I believe the correct technical terminology is modified fireman’s carry. This is supposed to be the best way for one person to carry another. Aside from life threatening situations it looks like foreplay to me. I was watching this B movie called Man-Thing, The sheriff tosses Rachael Taylor over his shoulder, and she was just being arrested. The only reason I watched this movie because I liked Rachael’s performance in Bottle Shock. More recently Gerard Butler treats Jennifer Aniston the same way and takes advantage of her position to smack her butt a couple of times.

Not sure where I got this butt it is truly inspiring.
Not too happy about this
Speaks for itself

There are other things I like that emphasize my physical strength, for example holding both of her arms behind her while she buries her face in my neck or chest, also pressing her close against a wall for some snogging (I think that’s correct, I always liked that word). Firmly grasping an arm and leading her to the bedroom, “come with me” was all that was required. Ultimately sweeping her off her feet and carrying her in my arms.


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1 Response to Caveman Carry

  1. Dioneo says:

    Very nice! In that middle one especially, the lady looks like she’s about to get an OTS spanking.

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