Throwing Gas on the Fire

I was reading through my old posts and came to the conclusion that some of the things I have documented here I have never shared with anyone. Although reading through it some of my posts are rough and poorly executed, I am rather proud of a few.

I did not have any intention of ever doing this but last year my sister gave me a book for my birthday. It was by David Sedaris and I enjoyed his style of writing and his humor. I read a few more of his books and I thought I had a strange and embarrassing life. Mine was not so shocking after all.

So I decided to start a blog. I thought that I might have interesting things to say about one of my favorite activities and quite a collection of older material to share. One small problem I would be wondering just what to post or searching through the files on my computer and get distracted. I would go online looking for inspiration and reading the blogs that I had just learned about. It seemed to take up a lot of my day.

Since then I have gotten a little better about not fixating on the one thing all the time. I even got into George R. R. Martin and spent about 10 days reading Game of Thrones, then read the series again to savor it. Going back to a more or less rational ideal of doing all the things I enjoy.

One superior drawing super heroes and spanking.


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