Well maybe collector implies more of a hobby than an obsession. I have been acquiring stuff, drawings  cartoons, videos and photos for quite some time now. I think that some of the things I have gathered are still quite good and should be shared.

I still remember the first movie delivered to my home in the exclusive brown paper cover from the House of Milan and hardly believing what was being played out. The technical quality was limited and silent, and the spanking was pretty lame but it was a start.

From those humble beginnings to the present where high production material for the sophisticated (er twisted?) consumer is available at the click of a mouse. I would like to highlight one of the video series from Nu-West/Leda.

The one segment from this series is a clip of a young woman introducing herself. She announces that she is about to be spanked and invites us to come and watch.

A really nicely done girl spanks girl clip that has held up over time. The series was Women Spanking Women 1982: NWV-416. You can find the series as well as others on the following page, including a short sample clip that you can watch online from the series.


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