This is an great old John Wayne movie with all kinds of good stuff. I remember watching it on tv almost intact. I was not aware that the movie had been cropped to fit my screen. Due to estate issues Mclintock! was not broadcast for years, and when first available on dvd only the cropped version was available.

This old gem is now public domain and available in widescreen format at the Internet Archive. This amazing John Wayne comedy/western has a great cast including Maureen O’hara, Patrick Wayne and Stefanie Powers. Both Maureen and Stefanie were rather publicly paddled with a small coal ash shovel. The finale of the movie has a determined John Wayne chasing a scantily clad Maureen O’hara for the final spanking scene.

A blow by blow description of the action can be found here!

These are probably the most famous movie spankings ever and very enjoyable but until recently I was unable to see the entire scene, the public spanking of Maureen O’hara was amazing but I really enjoyed Stephanie Powers reactions in the last few frames.


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