Viral Videos

Now that we all carry cameras where ever we go you would think that the most bizarre stuff would surface. You wouldn’t be wrong. This is just a little something that was around a few years ago that I found in my virtual junk drawer. I believe it was called Flaming Buttocks.

I just have to think that there are much safer and more enjoyable ways and to toast a nice butt, but that’s just me. I just had to see it and I thought waxing was too extreme.  I have renamed this things not to do while drinking.




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3 Responses to Viral Videos

  1. Dioneo says:

    Wow, that girl needs a really good spanking for letting them do that to her. If she wants to know what a burning butt feels like, I’m happy to oblige her. As for the “gentlemen” in that video, they could sure spend some time in a fire safety class…or volunteering in a burn ward.

  2. Dioneo says:

    By the way, CS, thank you so much for the nomination over at Spanking Bloggers (you’re beautys_captain, right?). I appreciate it!

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