Leather Butt 2

The phrase a glutton for punishment comes to mind when I consider my own appetites and limits. Getting my bare butt smacked with hard wood till I can’t take any more and then a few more until my ass glows pink with red highlights always leaves me in a heightened state.  This usually lasts a few days so getting spanked day after day is not really necessary. However since the aforementioned gluttony is a large part of my makeup if the opportunity arises moderation goes out the window.

Just Getting Started

It’s a good idea to spread out your spankings to keep your ass soft and sensitive, if I get spanked 2 or 3 days in a row it takes more and longer spanking to achieve the same results. Eventually the skin takes on a leathery texture and I would laugh at a standard paddling. That’s not really a problem but my spanker would wear out before I have had enough.

Getting Close

This has not been a problem recently but if I am in the same position again do you think lotion would help?


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