The Hairbrush

I don’t know exactly what draws me to the common wooden hairbrush but I find that particular implement extremely compelling. After I had accepted that I am a spankophile I would often wander down the aisles of many stores looking at the various types of hairbrushes for sale. The plastic ones seemed just wrong, and the whole series of brushes with membrane inserts really amplify the sound but are rather light to do the trick. My favorite brush actually came from a web site declaring it to be the perfect spanking brush. I think it was Pacific Force that offered this solid wooden brush that delivers a solid smack.

Really nice spanking hairbrush with hardwood paddle.

I have also been antiquing and while my companions looked for plates or thimbles I would invariably scan the display cases for brushes. There were many to choose from, I do believe that the ivory variety to be far too delicate to be used as a paddle. Sterling silver backed brushes looked very formidable indeed. These implements were often heavily patterned with crevasse and whirls that should leave interesting marks. I have never purchased any of these brushes and have only seen them used in drawings and in a poorly adapted film “Exit to Eden”. There is a nice spanking scene where Dana Delany applies one of these silver backed brushes to a tied up, naked Paul Mecurio.

Just a couple examples of the silver backed hairbrush. Some of these are too patterned to really be used, and I remember reading somewhere that these brushes were often given to a spouse for the appropriate occasion.


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2 Responses to The Hairbrush

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hi CS,

    When I hear the word “spanking,” the image that most often comes to mind is laying across my husband’s lap and getting my bottom whacked with a wooden hairbrush. A session like that leaves me feeling truly and thoroughly spanked. For me, the brush symbolizes and epitomizes traditional corporal punishment. The impression it leaves lasts a good long while.

    I agree the hairbrush is quite compelling as a spanking implement.


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