Bill Ward – Maybe

I think I have found additional Bill Ward artwork in my files.




















Torchy by Spiritworks


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3 Responses to Bill Ward – Maybe

  1. wordsmith says:

    Not come across Torchy before…she seems to have an otk attitude!

  2. web-ed says:

    You are correct, CS – these are all Ward. Torchy from 1950 is the earliest, although the scene in #4 was not an actual spanking, despite the OTK position! A real shame, since Torchy was one of comics’ premiere glamor girls and Ward’s best-known work in the field. Some time during the 50’s after this issue of Torchy, Bill Ward left comics never to return. The hairdresser spanking is known to have appeared in a 1960’s issue of Joker (I have the torn-out page) but may have appeared first in the late 50’s. The others are all from Ward’s later period, but I don’t have detailed publication information.

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