Comics to Movies

I have to admit that I find it extremely amusing that the comic books of my youth have been translated into massively successful films. Superman was my favorite, but Spider Man, Iron Man, X-men, and Batman have been very popular. I am still waiting for another, Doctor Strange, this could be great or another Fantastic Four.

Recently a different kind of comic was made into a movie. The Spirit, a comic about a supposedly deceased cop resurrected as a costumed crime fighter. I don’t think the movie did well despite the stellar cast; I am talking about the women of course, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson (self proclaimed eye candy), Paz Vega, Stana Katic, and Jaime King; plus the undeniable talents of Frank Miller and Will Eisner.

From IMDB: In an interview with Total Film magazine, Frank Miller admitted that he shouted “Cut!” instead of “Action!” just before filming Paz Vega‘s scene because he was so distracted by her costume. I can believe it.

Anyway I watched this movie in a kind of distracted way since I was not all that familiar with the subject, when Eva photocopied her derrière.Then The Spirit identifies the Perfect Ass from the photocopy.

Now the funniest part of this segment is the Spirit taking the photocopy and showing it like a mug shot. Of course the doorman who identifies it is very short and was at eye level.

I don’t know about perfect but completely spankable!


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  1. wordsmith says:

    Fantastic – lovely clip at the end! Thanks.

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