Never Too Late

First off I would it looks like I can not tell Ward from a Bill Wenzel or Kirk Stiles, I had thought I put only Ward illustrations in an upload folder and then just decided which I wanted to post. It was very nice of Web-Ed to point this out. The Chicago Spanking Review has a wealth of these illustrations and Web-Ed is very familiar with the work of these artists. I am going to give it another go this weekend.

I have been in quite a funk lately, really not interested in doing much of anything. I think its getting better but for now I am just hanging in there.

Its inevitable time waits for no one. I had hoped to age well, like a fine vintage wine instead of a batch of stinky cheese; to gradually change from my present cranky state to the mostly harmless curmudgeon. I would like to think there is plenty of time but no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

To a better tomorrow.


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