If I could grow a nice beard I probably would never shave. I have tried them all except a straight razor, hot lather, cold lather, safety razors with multiple blades and finally settling for the convenience of an electric razor. There is no reason for me to complain I really don’t have that much shaving to do. I know there is a lot of hair removal being done in the name of beauty shaving, waxing etc.

Still imagine after shave right after.

I have never been shaved by a barber although I have wondered about it. There was this time however I was in the shower with a friend and had the poor judgment to disparage her pink lady Schick. Since I did not have any idea what I was talking about she told me that I should put up or shut up. I did not want shaved legs, really knobby knees but I thought that the fuzz on my butt was pretty useless.

She lathered me up and proceeded to shave my fanny smooth. The procedure was painless and when she was done, we toweled off and admired her handiwork. I am not sure who started it but we both starting cracking up. She imagined me going down to the local barber for the hot towel treatment and a straight razor shave. I wondered if I had to worry about 5 o’clock shadow, or if I nicked myself shaving would I still use little squares of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. After we finally stopped laughing and wiped the tears from our eyes we spent the rest of the evening together. Best damn shave I ever got!


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1 Response to CLOSE SHAVE?

  1. Barely Pink says:

    Oh my.

    Shaving another person (male or female) is innately sexy. Sounds like you two had some good chemistry, “stubble butt”. 😉

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