Disorganized and Proud

A single photo from a shoot somewhere, very intense concentration.

Well maybe not proud really but I have never been all that about being really organized. There are some that manage to keep all their stuff neatly labeled and gasp even alphabetically arranged. I am more of the type that keeps like things together. You are looking for such and such, check that pile over there. There are drawbacks to this system of course, I needed a single software installation cd to complete a project and could not find it. I looked through all the usual piles and no luck. I did find it eventually when I was looking for something else of course.

There are a lot of older directories of miscellaneous picture and drawings hidden on my PC, lots of old black and white photos from news groups. Every now and then I just browse through these files and come across stuff that I had completely forgotten about. I really did locate that illustration by the Spirit just that way. When I came across it I was pleasantly reminded of the cartoons that he had done over the years and I had to see if The Spirit Studio was still around.

Ok so there is little method to my madness but it sometimes works out well.


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