Spankmeister ?

I was looking for stuff on the internet the other day and I came across this strange word. I immediately thought of a beefy guy like a brewmeister but according to the Urban Dictionary at the definition is as follows.
1. An extraordinarily attractive and masculine older man who makes younger women wet with anticipation for slow hand, orgasmic fulfillment. Selleck-like.
2. Formal title of creator of world famous Spanky Rolodex (TM).
3. Fourth degree Knight of KONA, and wearer of the fez.
4. Babe magnet.
While I was perusing this rather extensive list I came across a few that stuck with me.
A festive holiday traditionally held on the last Saturday in October. (Actually, the holiday begins at 2 pm on Saturday and concludes at 2 am on the following Sunday morning.)

The spirit of Spankenfest actually applies and attaches throughout the year, as adherents (celebrants) proclaim that everyday is Spankenfest.

The holiday is said to relate back to the legend of DMO and the quest for discipline in a world gone mad with chaos.

Spank, Spank, Push
Usually done Spank, Spank, Rub, this alternate use shows the victim who is control of the situation.
She expected a nice spank, spank, rub but instead received the brutal, yet more honest spank, spank, push. Her lower lip protruded appreciating the fact she knew who’s boss.
A state of being fabulous.
Achieving orgasm through spanking.
This is my favorite no doubt.
The act of repeatedly slapping the booty with one’s open hand. Appropriately given by pulling someone ear toward you, sitting down, and guiding them over your knees so that their crotch area is directly on your lap and their ass is slightly lifted and exposed right above your lap. A proper spanking begins with the person clothed, preferably in very tight jeans or short shorts, and begins with several slaps to the buttocks. A spanking requires several intermissions of rubbing and squeezing the butt cheeks and perhaps gently rubbing sensitive areas in more hidden in between the legs. By the time a spanking is over, all clothing should have been removed, and the butt should be fairly red, very hot, and very stingy from all the slaps. However, no bruises or marks should ever appear. Both men and women, young and old, require spankings. Most do not admit it.
I asked you to bring a Dr. Pepper, not a Coke;
One of the better definitions yet!
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4 Responses to Spankmeister ?

  1. Raven Red says:

    Loved this! But obviously not asking for any spanking, because I know I do not deserve any…



  2. Of course not!

    You can't help being spankolicious.



  3. An extraordinarily attractive and masculine older man who makes younger women wet with anticipation for slow hand, orgasmic fulfillment. Selleck-like.

    That got Bacall's attention

  4. source says:

    If you could message me with any pointers on how you made this blog site look this good , Id appreciate it!

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