Not For Breakfast Only

I was wandering around the restaurant the other day when I spotted this spatula.
Cute or disturbing?
I had to imagine the odd marks this would leave behind if it was used for something other than turning pancakes.  Since I thought this was such an unusual shape for such a mundane object I had to Google it. Among the various images turned up by such a simple query here are some of the stranger items that were listed.
Can Spanking the monkey be any plainer?
Stainless steel for easy cleaning.
Alright I think that is sufficient.
 Maybe just one more, for all the images I looked through the last two seem to be a must for the kitchen.
Handy Storage    
5 different heads
How did I ever do without it. When I get to test drive this baby I will let you know.
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2 Responses to Not For Breakfast Only

  1. Raven Red says:

    Lovely COOKING utensils, I agree…(GRIN)

  2. Hermione says:

    I love the guitar. Those are all great spatulas.


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