Man of Steel

Superman never made any money
Saving the world from Solomon Grundy
And sometimes I despair the world will

never see another man like him.

My hero The man of steel – Superman, he may have regularly defeated his arch enemies and super villains to save the world, but he was really a sucker when it came to Lois Lane. Maybe sucker is too strong a word, but Kryptonite had nothing on Lois Lane. As you may have guessed I wanted to be Superman, not the glasses wearing, mild mannered geek, but that’s life. However there was one time….

Miss Lane’s reformation did not last but for one time she was not a pain in the ass .. well you know.
I think I was the proud owner of the comic excerpted above, my comic collection was very important to me, that is until other considerations took precedence. Every once in a while I will pick up a graphic novel or watch a movie based on a comic book and fondly remember my favorite super hero.

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2 Responses to Man of Steel

  1. Raven Red says:

    Hmmm…now I wonder WHY he was your favourite hero?

    Enjoyed this posting!



  2. Raven

    So glad you liked it! This is special for me since I'm a big fan of yours.


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