This is not an undesirable stigmatic social disease. What I am referring to here is one of my favorite goals, Spanked to Orgasm. I do believe that this is easier for a woman than a man, or at least than for me. I have achieved this with a willing partner/victim.

One evening after a nice dinner I took J home and we relaxed and had drinks. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. She slowly undressed for me and I had her kneel on the bed. Taking up a position along side her I gently rubbed her behind.
One hand on her belly encouraging her to push her fanny out I slowly began to gently slap her ass. Gradually increasing the strength of my blows I gently press with my other hand to keep her in place. Gradually she starts to push out her ass by herself as I continue to slap a little harder, my other hand no longer required to encourage her, moves up her torso to cup one breast then the other, rubbing her nipples with my thumb.
She is blushing nicely as I slap a little harder and harder. I hear her breathing get faster as I smack away, my other hand moves downward and I part her labia with a finger. The wetness I find there is very encouraging and since there is no complaining I slap that reddening fanny harder and harder. I take my time a rub my finger inside one lip, down one side of her pussy and up the other side.
I just run that finger inside her labia gently spreading the wetness as she starts breathing faster. My spanking hand is starting to sting, I can only imagine how her butt feels and she grabs my hand, directing my touch to exactly where she wants it. J starts to make those sounds that indicate that she is close and grips my hand tightly in hers; I try to restrain myself and keep the hardest smacks for when she comes. 
Suddenly she tenses up and throws her head back, she is quivering and I make the last few spanks memorable. Her breathing slows and I stop the punishment. She grins at me and pushes me over, straddling me as she is just getting started and I am thoroughly aroused. She posts over me and I grasp her red bottom with both hands as she finishes me off.
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