Sunday Funnies – Red Hot Mama Graphics

I found this series of drawings on an old hard drive. Haven’t seen them anywhere else, I still like them. Since there are so many in the series come back next week for the rest.

Sorry about the weird spacing, I just don’t quite get it yet.


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2 Responses to Sunday Funnies – Red Hot Mama Graphics

  1. Great drawings, Emanuele!

    Hint on the spacing, as it took me awhile to figure it out on Blogger, too: edit your posts in HTML code. After uploading the images, go into the HTML tab. You'll see the images start with < a href > and end with < /a >. You can copy the whole code and move it where you want it to be so they appear stacked. 🙂

    Hope it helps. If not, email me.



  2. Thanks so much I will try that next Sunday I hope to post the rest of this.


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