No Kidding

I like old black and white movies. I thought I had seen most movies with Spencer Tracy best paired with Katherine Hepburn. A few nights ago I caught the end of State of the Union and I tuned in because it seemed so timely. The movie featured Angela Lansbury as the other woman and I recognized her face but she was so beautiful in this particular movie. 
Since I did not get to see the entire movie I had to look it up and learn a little bit about it. The next bit of dialogue is between Katherine Hepburn and Van Johnson I am sorry that I missed it.

Mary Matthews: Another thing – he used to hate to hear me swear. Whenever I’d let with something, he’d smack me on my sitter, hard. I’ve done a lot of swearing on this trip.
Jim Conover: And no smacks?
Mary Matthews: It’s a small request, but I’d give anything for a good smack on my south end.
Jim Conover: I wish there was something I could do about that. 
I don’t know about anyone else but I would like to hear Katherine Hepburn say this. 


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