No Pain No Gain

 This may seem to be one of those sayings that apply to so many facets of life. Personally I hate pain. Rather than suffer even minor pain I would rather take pain meds. Some people will not do this and would rather suffer, I just don’t get it. Why in the world would you rather be in pain, to keep your head clear, well obviously in my case this is totally irrelevant! It makes you sleepy, well if you are injured or sick maybe you should be sleeping. The side effects are too bad, worse than being able to move at all! You will be an addict, sorry but most people in pain do not become dependant; they only use the medications until they are no longer necessary.
I would rather walk away from a fight, or even run if that’s required. I actually tried to walk away from a mugging and got shot for my trouble, my failure to acknowledge the guy with the gun. The last thing I would want to do is actually hurt anyone, or be responsible for injuring anyone. I hope to be sensitive enough, and in tune to my partners needs that I won’t exceed her limits, well not by much.
I have this toy. It’s a small lollipop style paddle made of exotic hardwood. It’s not too impressive, being about 12” long with a 4” round at the business end. One evening I was due for correction, yeah I earned it, damned straight I earned it! I reported to the bedroom dressed only in a pair of sweat styled shorts. Sometimes I am a bad boy.
“Pain don’t hurt” (Patrick Swayze – Road House), in some settings I would agree completely, then again unless the situation and circumstances are just right. Being a complete wuss, it does not take much to exceed my personal limits, but when everything is right, forget about limits; they no longer exist. I can personally only speak to my own experiences not those of my victims, ah partners, where the line dividing pain from pleasure can be found.
Fortified with a couple of glasses of chardonnay, I arranged myself over the proffered lap and waited nervously. Wasting no time my partner peppered my butt with a flurry of smacks. Since I was covered, the impacts were muffled and resulted in a very warm glow.  Suddenly she pulled my shorts down, and I was lying there ridiculously bare assed and waiting.
Interlude – Listening to Men of a certain age – I just heard Scott Bakula say that “spanking is still allowed in my bedroom” talk about distracting.
The paddle smacked down and on bare skin the results were astonishing. As the smacks landed, all on target by the way, I remember handfuls of bedclothes clenched in tightened fists, my toes curled impossibly tight, and my pulse pounding in my head. I was definitely uncomfortable but there was no place I would rather be. The beating continued and her scent filled my nostrils, she was relentless and unsympathetic to my suffering.
She kept whacking away and with my eyes closed I seem to remember bright sparks behind my eyelids, in time with her blows. Panting and gasping, I refused to cry out. She never said this will hurt me more than you, but she was flushed and breathing very hard. The smacks starting coming slower and slower, her anger spent, she was running out of steam.
She let me up, I crawled off her lap, and I grabbed my ass. I did not feel blisters but I was sure that my ass had taken on a leathery feeling. I had to see, hurrying to the bathroom I checked out the damage in the mirror, and was suitably impressed with the round impressions of the paddle on my bottom. I returned to the bedroom and joined her in bed. We were both worn out and napped. We woke up and I apologized for my behavior, was forgiven and well you know the rest.
This was very intense for me. Would I repeat the experience…please! Now things are slow and I hope that I will find someone soon.
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