If you have browsed this blog you are probably aware that I really enjoy Anime and Manga. I really like the work of Kami Tora. He did an exceptional series on how to draw Manga and seems to share my obsession with spanking.


I was browsing titles on Netflix and found this animation series called Kill La Kill. It is completely over the top even the transformation scenes would make Sailor Moon jealous. In one scene the characters were simply riding a tram. In the background were two cats going at it, would that be pussy style?


Recently Drew B and and Adam S did a comedy movie called Blended. Not a bad movie by today’s standards, I have been a fan of Drew since she danced for David Letterman and flashed him. In the movie they travel to Africa and one morning they are treated to a pair of Rhinos making the beast with two backs, Rhino style?


Ever since I moved to Prescott we have inherited a herd of javalina, small pig like creatures that are related to the Hippo. Since then I have learned all about peccary husbandry, there are new babies regularly usually in pairs. Since the position is so common in nature I have concluded that its only doggie style when people are doing it, Missionary being a relatively new development.


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Spanking Art

Here is a series from the archives.


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Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard/Spock

From the fabulous Wolfie a re-enactment of what should have happened between Spock and Zarabeth. Just combining two of my favorite things Spanking and Star Trek.



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While I was struggling with trying to reestablish my connection to my own blog time and events passed. Somehow I had one of my most popular days, this is startling since I hadn’t posted at all since last summer. I passed 300 posts and some of my favorite sites went dark. I am being hounded by an online advertising company that claims that I owe them hundreds of dollars for online advertising that I was sure I did not renew. I think its Dex, watch out for these crooks.

I have been getting medical attention. It is hard to understand how a little thing like losing vision in one eye can change your entire perspective. The retina surgery that I underwent was “completely successful” according to the surgeon that performed it, but I was less than impressed. Ultimately the procedure accelerated the formation of a cataract nearly blinding my right eye. Since then I have had more successful cataract surgery and I don’t feel so isolated. My doctor has finally prescribed the meds that I need and with lots lees pain things are looking up.


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Sundaze Funneez

I don’t remember where I saw it but this is the very first episode of Pamalee from Endart that I found. I was hooked and wanted more! I have some 52 episodes but I am not sure if this is a complete collection or how many were created. As always I am posting here the work of Endart who has retired and has moved on. He also produced many single spanking cartoons.

PamOneIntro19PamOne11PamOne23PamOne35PamOne47PamOne59PamOne611PamOne713PamOne815PamOneEnd17Well I’m happy, are you?

As a bonus while looking to see if Endarts page was still up announcing his retirement, I came across this other blog called Painfully Drawn Out.

00432Please visit this site for other Endart classics.


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I’m Baaaack!

Wow It has been a while but somehow I got locked out of my own WordPress account. I was watching this odd movie and it suddenly dawned on me that I used an old e-mail address to originally setup my account, I just signed in and there are 480 unread messages, oops. This is a lot like what happened to me last Friday. I was just stopping to pick up my Father-in-Laws mail, two of my dogs were in the car. I got out and got the mail. In the time I was away from my car my new dog was so excited that she locked me out. It was completely humiliating to have to call AAA and tell them my dog locked me out of my car! Not the dogs fault but there I was freezing my butt off and both dogs were sleeping comfortably in the car.

Looks pretty innocent, sucker

Looks pretty innocent, sucker

Hope to continue blogging soon.


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I don’t know if you have seen this book by Robert Coover but it is a very unusual book. It seems to reflect my attitude towards spanking almost perfectly. Like the instructions on your shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat. The first copy had this cover but I misplaced it.

stmI just downloaded an ebook version and I did enjoy the cover art for this version.

2940148210665_p0_v1_s260x420Okay I don’t understand how the same story can be credited to a different author unlike this other edition.

stmJPGBut I am pretty sure the books are the same. Any way the story is set in a single site with a master and his maid. She is regularly punished for shortcomings and the tone is quite surreal. The description of the  Times mirrors my own feeling about the book and can be found here I just regret that spanking the help has gone out of fashion.


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