From Russia with Love

This is an old movie only the second time that Sean Connery was James Bond. It may be one of the original but this movie has it all. I have to admit it has been playing a lot on cable lately but that has only enhanced my appreciation. I also features the stunning Daniela Bianchi as a Russian operative assigned to seduce 007, I believe that her boss called it a labor of love. It has great action sequences and a fantastic cast including a young Robert Shaw as a blond killer. 
They plan to trick James Bond into stealing a Lektor decoding machine from the Soviet embassy in Istanbul, which they will then steal from Bond, while at the same time, framing him. To lure Bond into the trap, Klebb will enlist an attractive female attaché, Tatiana Romanov, whose cover story will be that she intends to defect to England. 007 and Tatiana are acting as a married couple en route when the following scene takes place.

This scene just made me think about the controversy that Mr. Connery caused some 20 years later when he was interviewed and spoke positively about prior statements like “it’s not the worst thing to slap a woman” and Barbra Walters tried to get him to recant but he went on to say that he had not changed his mind at all.
I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don’t recommend you do it the same way that you hit a man.” Can you imagine the outrage if he made that statement today. It seems to me that there would be quite a few women who would not mind a smack or two from Mr. Connery; I am assuming a lot with his appearance, wealth and fame. I may be wrong but I do believe that he was never charged with assaulting anyone although one ex-wife complained that he intimidated her.  
I do have to close with this quote “It would appear I’m an inspiration for older men. Do I think I’m sexy? I’ve been told I am. I know that I find certain people attractive and they find me attractive and are presumptuous enough to think that’s sexy. I can’t answer for all those fat guys out there in their sixties. Are they more virile? Well, its years since I went to bed with a sixtyish balding man. Look, I’m dealing with maturity alright. I’m much more interest in keeping enthusiastic than anything else.”
I’m encouraged.


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2 Responses to From Russia with Love

  1. Raven Red says:

    It is twenty years on, and I am quite adament where Mr O'Connery is concerned – he can spanked me any day!!



  2. Hi

    I always thought that there are certain men that have an unfair advantage.


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