Spanking in Fiction

I have been a voracious reader most of my life. I have to give credit to a favorite uncle who brought me books as gifts, ranging from Roman and Greek history to my favorite at the time anything about dinosaurs. I got into the habit that if I enjoyed the work of a fictional writer I would try to read all they wrote. Being a geek I had a special affinity to Sci-Fi and Horror.
Most of the spanking actions in mainstream media are small scenes or threats but I looked for them nonetheless. Robert Heinlein one of my favorites I have to feel was a spankophile himself. Many of his books had spanking and gasp SEX in them. I don’t think anyone should miss Stranger in a Strange Land, seems like it is even more relevant now despite its age. Here is an excerpt from one I particularly enjoyed The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (1985) Future Histories
“The ice-cream cones were close at hand in the same tunnel as the racks:
Borodin’s Double-Dip Dandies, served by Kelly Borodin himself, who offered
to sell me (in addition to lavish cones) used magazines from Earth, barely
used magazines from Luna City and Tycho Under, candy, lottery tickets,
horoscopes, Lumaya Pravda, the Luna City Lunatic, greeting cards (genuine
Hallmark imitations), pills guaranteed to restore virility, and a sure cure
for hangovers, compounded to an ancient Gypsy formula. Then he offered to
roll me double or nothing for the cones. Gretchen caught my eye, and barely
shook her head.
 As we walked away, she said, “Kelly has two sets of dice, one for
strangers, another for people he knows. But he doesn’t know that I know it.
Sir, you paid for the cones…and now, if you don’t let me pay you back,
I’ll get that spanking. Because Mama will ask me and I will have to tell
 I thought about it. “Gretchen, I have trouble believing that your mother
would spank you for something I did.”
 “Oh, but she would, sir!” She will say that I should have had my money out
and ready. And I should have.”
 “Does she spank really hard? Bare bottom?”
 “Oh, my, yes! Brutal.”
 “An intriguing thought. Your little bottom turning pink, while you cry.”
 “I do not cry! Well, not much.”
 “You spoke, dear?”
 “Stop it.”
 “Mama spank.”
 I accepted from Gretchen the price of the cones. I’m henpecked.
Someone with far more diligence than I have has compiled a spanking bibliography and excerpted the parts of interest. I copied this bit from there if you want to go to the source here is the link. If the link is broken I will happily forward the document to anyone that asks.
I came across many other references too numerous to list here or even remember.  More recently I bought a book called Spanking the Maid by Robert Coover. This was an interesting exercise but resembled purgatory more than heaven. I really liked the vampire writings of Anne Rice, and looked forward to her Beauty series. I can not fault the writing but I doubt her heart was in it. I have read much more satisfying content in the blogs that I list at the top of this page. I try to read them every day.
I finally found that spanking ad about girdles. I knew I didn’t imagine it, so I include it here.
Real add or parody – anyone know?
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2 Responses to Spanking in Fiction

  1. Hermione says:

    I'm working my way through “Stranger in a Strange Land” right now. Haven't hit the spanking part yet.


  2. That's great it is one of my favorite books.


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