Shameless Self Promotion

This phrase has been running through my head for a few days now. If I don’t promote my self, who will? After all there are some simple ways to determine if you are having any success in attracting readers and drawing them to your site. Sometime today my total pages count on Word Press will pass the 500,000 mark for Feels like a lot to me although by internet standards I imagine it is not. The number is also an intangible from average visitors of 100 per day in the first months to over 1000 every day. I get much more satisfaction from a comment from a single reader than all those numbers, I need all the positive reinforcement that I can get.

My first knee jerk response to Shameless self promotion is quite belligerent, just what the fuck do I need to be ashamed about. I’m not sure if I have any shame left anyway. Too many years of hiding and denial have used it all up. Besides just exactly what is it that I should be ashamed of, just how much more time should I waste worrying about what people may think. If you have a problem with who I am and what I like, it is really your problem.

However since I am a needy attention hound, just how do I find that “kindness of strangers”. See me, Feel me, touch me, like me, love me, oh just fuck me! Yes it is all about me, I am stuck with this guy 24/7 and except for answering the phone is the one I talk to most of the time.

It seems like social media sites have taken over. If you are going to have a presence on the internet at all one site alone is not enough. So in a burst of manic energy I decided it was time to branch out. My Face is booked, I Tweet, Tumble and Link. All that is left is Yahoo! and Google this (flipping off my monitor).

One last thing. I went to the Vet yesterday to pick up some low fat dog food. It seems that my dog shares my digestive problems. The new girl behind the counter gets this bag of food, smiles sweetly at me and asks if she can carry the bag out to my car for me. I returned home with my tail between my legs.


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4 Responses to Shameless Self Promotion

  1. DJ says:

    The average blog gets 112 visits a day according to Yahoo and at least one independent study pouts it at 110. So you are well above the curve.

    Here ‘s to your next 500,000

    congrats DJ Black

  2. Hi DJ

    I really appreciate the comment and the information. I have always thought of myself as ahead of the curve.


  3. wordsmith says:

    Congrats Emanuele! Now that I have commented, if you could just see your way clear to sending me some of those 500,000 visitors….

    I had that nasty experience a little while back, of an attractive young lady offering me a seat on the tube. Ouch.

    • WS
      Her seat I hope. I have been thinking of a redesign placing banners of my favorite blogs and bloggers. You do have the distinction of placing the most comments on my efforts and I value each and every one, even if you are too smart for your own good.


      A fan and friend

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