I have been looking for a sign, some kind of inspiration but somehow nothing really stirred me. I have been watching old movies and was pleased to see “Across the Wide Missouri” with Clark Gable. I had heard about this movie for years but it was not typically shown on cable or satellite.  Finally saw the movie and while it was alright I did enjoy Clark Gable spanking his Blackfoot wife. He seems to easily lift her off her feet for a nice little spanking. The scene is short with a lot of rubbing afterward. Here are a few stills.

He seems to have little trouble lifting her up and placing her across his knee.

A nice little scene from a classic movie. You can find the entire clip at chross.blogt.ch in his comprehensive movie database.


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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. MichaelEdits says:

    In “It Happened One Night,” Clark Gable spanked Claudette Colbert. I think we have a serial spanker here.

  2. Hi

    I do believe Clark Gable was an old fashioned kind of guy like Sean Connery but I am not aware of any scene like that in “It happened one night.


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