Hiding – Done With That

Being a practicing spanko has never been easy for me. It was always much simpler to pretend that I did not have these desires and try hard just to fit in. Over the years there have been some bright points but for the most part any time I attempted to be more honest the results were usually disastrous.

I think this is from a photo shoot. The same girl in pajamas used to out me once.

My Bottom Smarts Sunday Brunch topic was so on point about this but I was very distracted this past weekend “Can you repress a fantasy? For example, if you decided that spanking was wrong and violent, could you move away from it and ignore it, or would this just lead to dissatisfaction?” In my opinion it is possible to suppress a fantasy, but for how long? Eventually things will be forced to the surface whether you want them to or not.

Pretty snapshot from " The Archives"

I was not indoctrinated, corrupted or unduly influenced by my parents or the media. Since my interest in spanking dates to my earliest memories I am practically certain that I am hard wired that way. It’s simply the most exciting thing I can think of and has been for a very long time.

Is this a formal spanking?

What a wuss! There were ways to meet like minded people even then I was just too chicken shit to try. It was not like some woman would knock on my door, look me over appraisingly and declare “Say you are not too disgusting want to spank me?” Oddly enough this never happened. It’s never too late though so watch out!





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4 Responses to Hiding – Done With That

  1. Barely Pink says:

    I think we can suppress the desire — but it will eventually manifest itself in a more powerful way than if we had accepted it in the first place. Suppression is never good.

    And that is why I am about to eat a piece of chocolate cake. If I don’t, I’ll gorge myself on the entire cake when nobody is looking. Best not to deny what the heart wants. 🙂

  2. Hi there
    mmmm chocolate cake… Sorry got distracted.

    Working on being unsuppressed, I wonder if I will lose that cranky edge?


  3. web-ed says:

    I would say the desire can be repressed, but not really suppressed, and unless it takes an extreme form such as wishing to give or receive extreme and harmful levels of corporal punishment, it would be best not to try. Repressed desires usually lead to trouble of one kind or another, as Barely Pink suggests. This thing is deep within us, being woven into our personalities at a very early age (for reasons too lengthy to go into here, I do not subscribe to the commonly held belief that we are “hard-wired” this way).

    Still, integrating spanking into a normal life with someone else isn’t easy, and many of us will never find someone compatible. You say you were too chicken to try, but the fact is the odds were stacked against you in any case, as they are against all of us. (If spankos are 1% of the population and you decide to look for a mate among spankos of the opposite sex, you have just eliminated 99% of the available possibilities). On the other hand, I don’t think you’re that old, CS, so maybe you should give it another try.

  4. Thank you so much

    I have tried to tell Erica Scott that she is my new Hero. We are of the same generation. She is a success story that I would try to emulate. I am encouraged that my life is not over and its not too late!!! Errr wish me luck or at least break a leg.


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