Object of Desire – Rant

I have heard quite a few women speak of the objectification of women. This is such a sad state of affairs. What are we supposed to do close our eyes to the beauty that is all around us, I also happed to believe in love at first sight, or at least lust?
I was working at this fabrication facility and there was a woman there, I guess today she might be referred to as a MILF. She was just another co-worker and I didn’t pay much attention to her. One day I looked up and she was standing across the room. I can not say what it was, the way she stood there, legs spread for balance. The little black skirt she was wearing, her black hair cascading around her shoulders, her long legs and high heeled shoes. I was just struck dumb. I stood there for a while and could only stare.

                                          Just a recreation.

After that day I pursued her, I was constantly hanging around trying not to drool. She eventually gave in it may have been all the whining and heavy breathing, and agreed to go out with me. We had a nice vanilla relationship and I even got along well with her little girl, I think she was about eight years old.
Even now I can still picture her in my mind, standing there; of course it was the way she looked that triggered my response. If I had ignored my impulses I would have missed out on a lot.
I still like looking at pictures of beautiful women in all stages of dress and undress for which I will not apologize.  There may even be a few women that enjoy looking.
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