You think I’m funny – Funny how?

I suffer from a tragic condition it is pretty common but there haven’t been any telethons or concerts, despite the consequences of this condition. It is a deplorable mental condition where the victim suffers from an extreme associative disconnect from reality. I don’t think there has been a scientific term coined for this but I think lackasensahumor  just about covers it. Despite all contrary evidence sufferers are convinced they are truly funny.
I can tell a very funny story and by the time I get to the punch line it’s just painful. People that I associate with think I am funny and they laugh at me, but I often find myself wondering if they are laughing at me or “at me”. I really related to that short paranoid monologue by Joe Pesci referenced above. Just how am I funny, am I funny looking, do I sound funny, smell funny, What!
I know it will take a lot of therapy and hard work but I am convinced I can overcome my handicap. I just wish George Carlin was still around.
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